Integrating Your
Life Goals
with Money

Create and manage wealth

Make better
financial decisions

Simplify your
financial lives

Get more organized in
personal finance

One of the most desired goals of ambitious people is to achieve financial freedom..

Financial freedom is when you stop working for money and your money works for you.

Linked to your values and your unique life situations a customized financial plan can lead to financial freedom in the true sense.

Kiran Telang, has helped many individuals to achieve important milestones in their life through effective financial planning. Financial freedom through robust and customized financial planning guided by experts can be your reality too.

These steps are part of the structured financial life plans designed by Kiran. Her service portfolio includes Personal Financial planning, Retirement Planning and Equity Advisory.

To achieve Financial Freedom, all you need to do is follow these 5 steps

STEP 01 Define Your "Good Life"
STEP 02 List down “What you own and owe”
STEP 03 Optimize Your "Investments"
STEP 04 Grow Your "Wealth"
STEP 05 Enjoy achievement of your financial goals.

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Financial Planning Can Truly Make Lives Better