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Financial Planning

What is Financial Planning?

Financial Planning is a process which provides a map to reach financial goals in life and then keep a track of the progress in reaching the goals. It helps an individual to get some sense of the why and how of creating, investing and protecting wealth.

In the true sense, financial planning goes much beyond numbers. The quantification and calculations are definitely a big part of it, but defining goals itself is a process of self-discovery. It makes you think beyond the routine of earning money and investing it.

Who needs Financial Planning?

Practically everyone needs financial planning, because, everyone has dreams. A person who is just starting off in his career, dreams of creating wealth. For someone who has accumulated some amount, dreams of growing it to a bigger amount. Someone who has ample assets, dreams of protecting and nurturing it for the future generations. Financial planning helps people move towards their dreams. The focus for every individual in a financial plan will be different.
So, it is a need of everyone.

Aspects like retirement planning, wealth management, goal planning are all covered under financial planning. The customization will be done based on individual needs.

What do we do for you?

  • Help you define your financial goals
  • Help you implement the plan
  • Assess your present financial position.
  • Review your plan periodically
  • Assess your risk profile
  • Recommend changes/modifications
    at various milestones in your life
  • Develop a customized financial
    plan for you

Get Started On Your Financial Plan With Expert Advice !


While preparing a financial plan our focus is on:

  • Identification of Goals
  • Investment Strategies
  • Risk Management
  • Simplifying things
  • Cashflow Management
  • Getting organised

How does a financial plan make a difference in your life?

  • A plan gives you a complete picture of your financial life.
  • It shows you exactly where you stand today, and creates a path to achieve your goals.
  • It helps you create and manage wealth based on your individual values and preferences
  • It helps you correct any mistakes that have been made in the past, to put you on to the right track for goal achievement.
  • It helps you in controlling costs by showing you where there are excesses if any.
  • It helps you save money by protecting you from incorrect investment decisions.
  • It helps you keep your money matters organised
  • It gives you peace of mind by having things in order and on track.

The Financial Planning Process

It is mainly for you to understand how we work and what can you expect from us as a client. We would also like to understand your needs. Based on this we can decide whether we will be in a position to deliver what is expected of us. This first meeting/discussion is complimentary.
If you decide to engage our services, a financial planning agreement is signed. The fee is to be paid at this stage. A risk profiler and data questionnaire is sent once the agreement is done, to help you gather the papers and information in preparation of the second meeting. During the meeting there is a detailed discussion on goals, current financial situation, concerns, value systems etc. We gather all your financial data and collect the relevant papers to enable us to prepare a plan for you.
We analyse the information received from you and prepare a comprehensive financial plan. We present the first draft of the plan based on the information provided earlier. The plan is explained in detail. Concerns if any are discussed. If there is a modification required a second draft is prepared based on the required changes. Once the draft is approved, recommendations are built in and the final plan is presented.
This is the plan implementation phase. You have an option to implement the plan on your own or through us. We use non-commission(direct) products wherever available. If ‘direct’ plans are not available, any commission earned is adjusted in the fee.
A plan review is typically done at the end of one year from the date of the first plan. In case there is a major change in life circumstances which has not been built into the plan, an interim review can be done.

Reports of your investment portfolio done through us will be emailed to you as per a set schedule. You may call us anytime during the year to discuss these reports. A quarterly review of the portfolio will be done through telephonic/online/personal meeting.

Equity Advisory

Under growth assets, we believe equity to be the top asset class for sustained long term
wealth creation. We believe there is merit in the buy, hold and monitor strategy. We provide equity advisory service, both in addition to our financial planning service (ongoing basis) and on a standalone basis.

Other Services

  • Will Writing
  • Creation of Trust(s)