At the outset let me thank you for taking the time out to read this testimonial with interest and attention and I promise it will be a time well spent. Chances are that if you have reached this page and now reading this you have either taken a decision to manage your finances professionally or are in the process of moving in that direction.

Believe me in either case it is the best decision to make one that you will never regret ever. From our early education days we are taught all things necessary like languages, arts and science but never really educated about money.- how to earn it, how to grow it and how to live with it. This was my state when I met Kiran a year ago and started discussing various wealth related aspects. My hectic travels kept me away for a long time but Kiran kept in touch gently nudging me to stop and take a look at my current state and future goals and plan for those.

So we setup a meeting one fine rainy morning and with wife in tow I met Kiran in her office. Let me honestly tell you after 10 mins there I actually felt I had walked into a therapists office. We talked about all things but money and the under current that was warming our hearts was ‘How Do we Make Ourselves Happy’.

My wife who had told me before leaving that she would sit in one corner quietly as she knew nothing about stock markets or shares chatted with Kiran like a long lost friend and I was sitting in a corner thinking as if I came as an extra audience for Koffee With Kiran! So once she understood us as humans and our basic happiness quotient and dreams and desires Kiran unfolded a very simple fact sheet so as to get the numbers rolling.

Here also what I liked was the lack of hurry on Kiran’s part. She went about the whole thing very patiently and methodically and laid down the most important aspects of Financial Planning to us. We agreed on certain things we will do as a team and some follow on actions were decided. These actions are being rolled as I write these lines and in the second edition of this post you will hear about those and our experience. If you want to hear more just drop your number with Kiran and I can call you or email you.

Shivu Singh

Father of Twins, Proud Indian, Passionate Innovator and Experiential Trainer Working in the Financial Technology Industry

Better late than never, his how I began my Investment journey 8 years ago with Kiran. I am glad to have taken the decision. All my investment worries are taken care of by Kiran and I get regular advice on the choices I need to make.

This has helped make my family’s future secure. Operating on the highest levels of ethics, trust and transparency, I could not have done without her sound advice. I would highly recommend for her investment services to be used by one and all! I wish her firm all the best in all their endeavours.

Head of Institutional Sales for India’s leading FMCG company

It is almost 10 years that Kiran has been handling my finances. I wish I had started with her at least 20 years earlier, I would have been in a much better financial position.

She helped me see where I stood with my money, it was like being shown the mirror. While it was not an easy situation she helped me get my investments in place and brought a discipline to my money management.

Ms. D. Biswas, Retired Educator and Graphic Artist

When we came back from the USA , the immediate plan that I had was to hire a financial planner. After the initial due diligence, Kiran presented us with a thorough plan that included cash flow management, retirement planning, investment planning, risk management and insurance planning and tax planning.

She not only helped and has been helping us to see the bigger picture; she has also indirectly contributed in improving the quality of our life by giving us clarity on our financial situation. We now feel more secured about our retired life.

Koushik Das Sarma & Chandrima Roy