Mindful Retirement

What comes to your mind when you think of retirement? Most people, especially in the working age, would consider retirement from the point of view of money. However, is retirement only about money? Yes, money is required to lead a decent life; money is important. However, it is just one of the aspects of retirement.

Financial Life Planner Kiran Telang has impeccably brought out multiple aspects of life after retirement. If you are in your working years, read this book to understand what surprises life could bring you, and how you can prepare yourself for those. If you are already retired, you need this book to relate to your current life and see if you need to make any modifications, or get a different perspective to issues.

The book covers many aspects of retirement including money, and gives a holistic perspective of retired life.

What the book is…

This book intends to present to the reader a way of thinking holistically about retirement. It attempts to provide stepping stones for creating a thought process around choices of life in a manner that retirement becomes a part of the whole, not just another event. This book is that part of the retirement discussion that rarely happens, but it is about the life that actually happens. Without this, any retirement discussion is incomplete. This book appeals to people across all ages, be to young earners, pre-retirees or those in advanced retired life.

What the book is not…

This is not a do-it-yourself retirement guide. There are no templates on creating or spending a retirement corpus. There is no financial jargon in the book.

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